The Bishop


Hello Folks!
I thought it might be interesting to change my letter to you guys after about a year of the same ol' thing!!!

It has been a wonderful year teaching all of you, getting to know your voices, your personalities- talented bunch, you are.
We are moving forward with Potomac Vocal and I hope all of you will consider adding our events to your regular schedule.  We are adding bi-monthly studio classes and urge all our students to come be a part of it, even just to listen and support.  All of the coaches and teachers involved with PVI support each other and believe in using each other as assets for our students- the whole goal is to help you develop into the best singer YOU can be. Come work with someone you don't study with and see how it feels!
I am trying to teach 25 lessons a week; some weeks that works out better than others!  We will certainly be adding lessons prior to the PVInvitational and I encourage all of you who will be participating to sign up now for anything you think you might need.  I will be taking 5 days off June 5th-June 9th and will be going on vacation with my family the last week of June. Otherwise, I will be in town until the end of July and will be offering regular lessons.
Thank you so much for being a part of the studio!

Virginia Studio:

11736 Great Owl Circle, Reston VA

DC Studio:

The United Church, 1920 G Street NW DC

Singing is simple. Discipline is hard.